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Oxon, United Kingdom
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The UK's No. 1 Brand Placement Agency

Hatched Brands is the UK's no. 1 brand placement agency. Our team works extensively with its contacts in the film and television industry to ensure maximum product exposure for minimum expenditure.

An increasingly common way to promote a product or service in today's consumer marketplace is by successfully integrating it into the consumer's everyday life. This art of marketing is known as 'brand placement' and is becoming more important owing to the viewer's ability to avoid watching television commercials and indeed the ability to refrain from 'temptation to purchase' following the use of conventional consumer marketing techniques.

Brand placement is now therefore a key marketing practice - exposing brand name products and services in major motion pictures, television programming and related cross branding and advertisement mediums; sport sponsorship, magazine adverts, celebrity endorsements, charitable events and national and international team sponsorship deals.

The successful integration of a product or service into the entertainment medium itself, whether it is a television programme or a public display such as a national event, achieves maximum effect where the product or service and the advertising medium used, seamlessly merge into one and there is no obvious or apparent distinction between them.

Category Listings

  • Product Placement
  • Props - Action Vehicles


  • 2015 - Mortdecai (feature)
  • 2015 - Ordinary Lies (tv drama)
  • 2014 - 24: Live Another Day (tv drama)
  • 2013 - Welcome To The Punch (feature)
  • - Midsomer Murders (tv drama)
  • - Coronation Street (tv drama)
  • 2011 - Johnny English Reborn (feature)
  • - Emmerdale (tv drama)

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