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London, United Kingdom
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Delivering Best Vehicles For You

John Noel has been a vehicle supplier to the film, TV and music industry for many years. In early 1987, he set up the company 1st Position Vehicles and, with his vast knowledge of the business, put together a team of highly skilled professionals to assist him in bringing his company to the very high standard it is today.

The company supplies a vast range of prop action vehicles dating as far back as the 1900's to the present day, and can also do full prep and delivery with experienced driver technicians. All models and years are available, and we can even change the colour of the vehicle if you so wish. Our services include background action vehicle co-ordination, transportation, customisation, servicing, wrapping, mobile workshops. We also offer a full selection of American vehicles as well as a full range of emergency and military vehicles and buses, both old and new.

With our office in central London and our base in Langley, access to the major studios is very easy. No location is too far though, as we also have a northern branch for location shots in the North.

Category Listings

  • Props - Action Vehicles


  • 2017 - The Commuter (feature)
  • 2017 - The Mummy (feature)
  • 2015 - The Last Witch Hunter (feature)
  • 2016 - London Heist (feature)
  • 2011 - Age Of Heroes (feature)
  • - Vogue (magazine)
  • - Coca-Cola (commercial)
  • - Robbie Williams (music video)
  • - Paul McCartney (music video)
  • - The Rolling Stones (music video)
  • - Prada (stills)
  • - McDonalds (commercial)

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