Flying Cameras

Middx, United Kingdom


Led by award-winning cinematographer Simon Werry, Flying Cameras are able to offer aerial filming solutions for high-end shooting in any format worldwide.

Having won 5 Emmy awards and 1 BAFTA for his work, Simon has over 5,000 hours flying in 21 different types of helicopter, both military and civilian, along with World War I and II fighters/bombers as well as modern fast jets. What's more, our filming equipment includes high-end cameras such as Shotover F1, Eclipse, Cineflex, Flir UM2, Stab C, Gyron, Wescam, Tyler, Helivision and Libra, ensuring that we generate quality aerial footage on every job.

The choice of camera helicopter and pilot is incredibly important to your production and depends on the type of shot and where that shot takes place - the nearest helicopter to the shooting location isn't always the best move. As such, we will recommend a helicopter type for a specific job - based on the location and the type of shot - and can find the appropriate helicopter from the nearest source. If the shot is over a built-up area, over a congested set, over water or at night, a twin-engine helicopter must be used.

We are lucky to have excellent working relationships with some of the best companies and pilots across the world, including in Germany, Iceland, USA, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Kenya, so no location is too far for us.

Category Listings

  • Cameramen - 2nd Unit
  • Cameramen - Aerial

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