Shuttleworth Collection

Beds, United Kingdom
Ciara Harper01767-627923


Where Everything Flies & Drives

Shuttleworth is home to historic aircraft and vehicles dating from the 1909-1950s, including the oldest flying aircraft, oldest British aircraft, sole survivors of their type, and iconic race winners. Vehicles include vintage, veteran and steam, agricultural and early buses.

Maintained by knowledgable and helpful staff, exhibits and location can be hired for use for aerial filming purposes or set dressing, and The Collection is based at a working aerodrome with grass runway.

The adjacent Swiss Garden is an authentic Regency period location, and Shuttleworth is set within Old Warden Parkland with a period former Mansion House at its heart.

Category Listings

  • Locations
  • Props - Action Vehicles


  • 2017 - Great British Railway Journeys (tv doc)
  • 2016 - The Marvellous World Of Roald Dahl (tv doc)
  • 2016 - The Great Flying Challenge (tv doc)
  • 2016 - 100 Year Old Drivers (tv doc)
  • 2016 - Mr Selfridge (tv drama)
  • - Heir Hunters (tv doc)
  • - Belstaff (stills)
  • - Burberry (commercial)

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