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Balancing Your Expectations

Based in Pinewood Studios specialising in providing camera stabilisation solutions to the film and broadcast industry. Working on feature films, high end dramas and commercials.

We are the forefront of the gimbal technology Mr Helix are the first in the world to stabilise the Panavision Millennium XL2 35mm film camera on the Double Helix gimbal for hand held use, even with this heavy 23.5kg setup the Exoskeleton easily tackles real world situations such as going through stairways, doors, over tables and fit around tight spaces.

Our systems have been tried and tested on some of the most demanding sets by David Higgs BSC, John Conroy ISC, Robbie Ryan ISC BSC, Greig Fraser ASC ACS, Ed Wild BSC, Gavin Finney BSC, Rodrigo Gutierrez ACO amongst other respected DOPs and operators in the industry.

The modular design of our system allows us to work with Tracking vehicles, Rickshaws, Cranes, Dollies, Steadicams, Shoulder mounts amongst other industry standard solutions.

The Double Helix 3 Axis Stabilised Remote Head benefits from our slip-ring technology which allows a continuous 360º Roll across the lens axis and can be controlled by the Klassen wireless wheels.

We have configured, stabilised & operated the following cameras:

• ARRI A65 + PV Anamorphics (inc 100mm) – Double Helix
• Panaflex Millennium XL2 + PV G Series Anamorphics - Double Helix
• ARRI 235 + Master Primes – Double Helix
• ARRI Alexa Plus + Master Primes – Double Helix
• ARRI Mini + Lightweight Zooms - Double Helix – Standard Helix – Jr Helix
• RED Dragon + Lightweight Zooms – Double Helix – Standard Helix – Jr Helix
• RED Dragon - Artemis Maxima
• Varicam 35 – Double Helix
• Blackmagic Ursa – Double Helix
• Sony F55 – Double Helix - Standard Helix
• Sony FS7 – Standard Helix
• Sony FS5 – Standard Helix
• Sony A7S MK1 with Atomos Shogun – Standard Helix – Jr Helix
• Canon C300 MK1 & MK2 – Standard Helix
• Canon 1DC – Standard Helix – Jr Helix
• Canon C100 MK1 & MK2 -Standard Helix – Jr Helix
• Various DSLRs – Standard Helix – Jr Helix
• Blackmagic Cinema – Standard Helix
• Mini Ursa – Standard Helix

We believe in education and offer GBCT accredited training courses to expand the practical knowledge of the latest stabilisation technology available in the industry, we also hold workshops to demonstrate the unique movement and motion that can only be captured by our stabilisation system.

Get in touch to arrange a test or demo at Pinewood

Category Listings

  • Camera Stabilisation Systems
  • x2017 BSC Expo - Companies


  • 2018 - The Favourite (feature) (Gimbal Camera Operator)
  • 2017 - Crossing The Border (tv drama)
  • 2017 - Guerrilla (tv drama) (Gimbal Camera Operator)
  • 2016 - Will (tv drama) (Gimbal Camera Operator)
  • 2016 - Churchill (feature)
  • 2016 - Late Shift (feature) (Remote Camera Operator)
  • 2016 - My Cousin Rachel (feature)
  • 2016 - Unforgotten (tv drama)
  • 2016 - The Tunnel: Sabotage (tv drama) (Gimbal Camera Operator)
  • 2016 - Penny Dreadful (tv drama)
  • 2015 - The Frontier (feature) (Gimbal Camera Operator)
  • 2015 - Rise Of The Footsoldier II (feature) (Technician)
  • 2015 - Cuffs (tv drama)
  • 2015 - Luther (tv drama)

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