Jules Sturgess Design

Cambs, United Kingdom
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Jules Sturgess Design is an independent UK design company manufacturing bespoke furniture and interior products, handcrafted to meet the film and TV industry's ever-growing design requirements.

Our debut signature collection includes the Marea chaise, Poleiro bar stool, Amaca chair and Monolito dining table. Handcrafted with care, each product is bespoke to a customer’s design requirements while a choice of custom finishes are available - paint, leather, wood veneer and alcantara provide an endless range of designs.

Based on the outskirts of Cambridge, all pieces are generated in our workshops using engineering-standard design and manufacturing processes. Initial idea generation takes place through extensive use of traditional hand-sketching. Following this, projects are dimensioned and carefully modelled in 3D CAD software while skilled craftsmen are used to complete specialist aspects, ensuring that as much as possible is manufactured on our own site. Attention to detail is paramount, as befits the creation of a work of art and every part, whether seen or unseen, is finished with the greatest precision. Nothing is rushed.

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