Cloud & Horse

London, United Kingdom
Jamie Hind020-8885 5286


London photographic studios available for hire with onsite set build workshop

Hidden away in Seven Sisters, Cloud and Horse studios is a dual-capable gem. With two studios, equipped for daylight and black out shoots, all you need to do is decide what to fill it with.

Enter, and on your left you’ll find the two studios (insider secret: Studio B has an infinity cove. Proper fancy) and at the end, the open set building workshop. You’ll find yourself some Studio Assistants at the ready to fire up the kettle and to help you with the lighting hire (full studio kit list on hand), while you peruse through the many catering options, get the steamers bubbling, take a peek in the shower room and unload onto the hanging rails.

Sneak into the set workshop and make your photographic dreams a reality. The team of creatives includes scenic painters, proper makers/buyers and model makers, so you can have a runway on command or all the outlandish extras you’ve ever dared to imagine. And you can be assured they don’t take any amateurs, this isn’t going to be a school project papier mache job, the team want the final product to be as professional as you do.

Plus, if you’ve taken on a tad too much work (it happens to the best of us) Cloud and Horse can take full control of your shoot logistics or even project manage your project from the initial stages, right through to completion. Just say the word, your wish is their command.

Whether you’re shooting a fashion story, a music video, major feature film, creating a window display or even want to host a location based event, Cloud and Horse are waiting for your call.

**Thank you to Wonderland Magazine for the words **

Category Listings

  • Construction
  • PropsPropsProps
  • Studios - Photographic


  • 2017 - Paddington 2 (feature)
  • 2016 - Mum (tv comedy drama)
  • - Vogue (magazine) (Construction Manager)
  • - Sony (stills) (Construction Manager)
  • - Dulux (stills) (Construction Manager)
  • - Adidas (stills) (Construction Manager)
  • - Marks & Spencer (stills) (Construction Manager)
  • - Waitrose (commercial) (Production Buyer)
  • - Hellmanns (stills) (Production Buyer)
  • - Facebook (commercial) (Construction Manager)
  • - John Lewis (stills) (Construction Manager)
  • - Habitat (stills) (Construction Manager)
  • - Heals (stills) (Construction Manager)
  • - Sharwoods (commercial) (Construction Manager)
  • - GQ (magazine) (Construction Manager)
  • - Harrods (stills)
  • 2015 - Ikea (stills) (Construction Manager)
  • - Lexus (commercial) (Construction Manager)
  • - Waitrose (stills) (Production Buyer)
  • - Tinie Tempah (music video) (Construction Manager)

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