The Bus Sheds - Film & TV Studio Space

Co Durham, United Kingdom
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Studios In The Heart Of The North Of England

The Bus Sheds – 3,000 sq m of dedicated, location studio space within a secure compound, with space for unit parking and support vehicles.

This new commercial facility provides the opportunity to base productions in a town centre location in the heart of an area regularly used for location shooting by major TV dramas (Vera, Victoria, George Gently) and features (Star Wars, Atonement).

We currently offer three areas:
Stage One: 17m by 50m
Stage Two: 21m by 50m
Stage Three: 21m by 50m

Surrounded by a variety of locations, including coastal, urban, period urban, Georgian quay, Napoleonic battleship, industrial, country (within sight of two national parks), along with easy access from the trunk road network (A19 and A1), we are a flexible and easy-to-reach alternative.

What's more, since the facility is part of CCAD (Cleveland College of Art & Design - the northern school of art) we have a ready supply of experienced undergraduates capable of supporting commercial production. In addition to this, we can connect you with a range of local support services from building suppliers, carpenters, and painters to costumiers, caterers, prop suppliers, lighting specialists and hotels.

Category Listings

  • Studios - Location


  • 2017 - Transformers: The Last Knight (feature)
  • 2017 - Victoria (tv drama)
  • 2016 - Vera (tv drama)
  • 2015 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens (feature)
  • 2015 - Inspector George Gently (tv drama)
  • 2007 - Atonement (feature)

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