Animal Wrangler Scotland

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Bozena Bienkowska0141-880 542207837-080058


Animal Wranglers & Agents For The Film & TV Industry

​At Animal Wrangler Scotland we pride ourselves in providing happy, healthy, well trained animals for the film and TV industry. We have a large selection of expertly trained animals of our own and we often bring in and train animals specifically on demand.

Bozena is also an experienced horse master and we can provide a wide range of horses, from stunt horses to background and prop horses and ponies - ridden, loose and/or carriage. Our horses include beautiful andalusian stallions to sheltand mares which can be seen in a variety of adverts, fashion shoots, music videos and film and TV productions.

We are also happy to add an equine stunt team - performing a full range of falls, fights, jousting, sword play and archery and our experienced stunt co-ordinator is part of our team, so most production needs are catered for.

Category Listings

  • Animals
  • Stunt - Co-Ordinators
  • Stunt - Performers


  • 2014 - Rab C Nesbitt (tv comedy drama)
  • - Royal Bank Of Scotland (commercial)
  • - Cravendale (commercial)
  • - Dulux (commercial)
  • - Stella McCartney (commercial)
  • - Natwest (commercial)
  • - Hovis (commercial)
  • 2012 - Dani's House (tv childrens drama)

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