Alchemy Metals

Herts, United Kingdom
Steve Cotton Karen Greasby01438-745307


Main Suppliers Of Metal For The TV & Film Industry

With over 50 years experience of recycling metal, Alchemy are your number one supplier of salvage metals for film and television productions.

Whether you require a one-off metal widget or mass numbers of uniform metal pieces, Alchemy holds around 1000 tons of metal stock at their state-of the-art facility in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, allowing you to source of all your metal at one location.

Whatever metal your require, Alchemy will work closely with your team to find exactly the right pieces for your production.

So whether you need metal as a futuristic background prop or as part of a larger set, call us on 01438-745307 to see how we can help.

Category Listings

  • Construction - Metal Fabrication
  • Construction Supplies
  • Construction Supplies - Metal & Mesh
  • Props - Architectural & Salvage
  • Props - Futuristic
  • Props - Industrial
  • Props - Metal


  • 2018 - Ready Player One (feature)
  • 2017 - Life (feature)
  • 2017 - The Mummy (feature)
  • 2016 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (feature)
  • 2015 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens (feature)
  • 2015 - Jupiter Ascending (feature)

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